Saturday, September 24, 2011



Yeah, so i know its been a while, we got on it last night!

OG pizza club member, Chrust Owen with a simple yet delicious vegan pie.

All vegi pizza, half no cheese. Delicious

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cheeseburger Pizza Bitches!

So its been a few days, nearly a week since this actually happened, and I don't post as regularly on this blog because nobody fucking follows it or probably even reads it, but here it is. A new post. Last pizza club was pretty much Trife house locals only. There was delicious pizza being made though. We were trying new stuff. Bambei made a crazy Mac and Cheese pizza that turned out really sloppy but really tasty. I fucked around with the idea of the cheeseburger pizza. I used Morningstar crumbles, carmelized onion, jalapenos, Morningstar bacon, and pickles. I put cheddar on top and after it was cooked did a mustard swirl. It turned out to be really good. My favorite part was the mustard and pickles. After we ate up we went down to our new neighbors Brew Crew's house and partied down with them for a while. It was a pretty successful evening.

The Finished Product

Stag Beer made its way back to the coolers of Memphis! Bonus!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pizza Club is Back Fucking Friday Fun Fun Fun Fun

We had an epic Pizza Club last night! Everyone killed it on cooking up the goods. Ulander came through with some super tasty tortilla pizzas, two were vegetarian and two were carnivore. The vegi ones were awesome Im assuming the other ones were great too.

Bambei made an always delicious taco pizza with habenero sauce, boca crumbles, black beans, onions, corn, and peppers. It was fucking rad!

All the homies showed up for pizza club, we did miss the presence of Chrustopher Owen though. We haven't had a pizza club meeting in a few weeks either so Im glad this one went down awesome! Brad Sizemore of Desoto Sk8 bro even showed up to wreck shop and party with the homies. It was pretty epic last night. After everyone filled up on pizza, and continued to fill up on beer, it was a lurk session/dance party Fuck Yeah!

And More!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Breakfast Pizza!

We had kind of a slow Pizza Club last night, but even with the lack of participation, we still made some great stuff. Brooke came, and this time made her own pizza. It turned out really good too. It had some imitation chicken and some roasted red peppers and some goat cheese. It was good! Hambone and Swamp Lizard both made similar pizzas, which was just a combo of every topping that was available, a Frankenstein monster slice pie! I haven't tried to make a breakfast pizza since my days of working at the Memphis Pizza Cafe so I thought I would give it a go. I used to eggs for the "sauce" and fried up some Morningstar Farms bacon, added some sharp cheddar, mozzarella, onions, roasted red peppers, and jalapenos and it turned out really good. I actually ate the rest of it this morning for breakfast. When you put the eggs down, they sort of scramble up to make the base, and it tastes good with all the cheese and other stuff. So until next weeks pizza club....

Brooke finishing up her goat cheese pizza.

She was stoked on her pizza and the official initiation into Pizza Club

Swamp Lizard and his sloppy Swamp pizza. Half of it fell off into my oven, He's new at this man.

Brooke frying up my "bacon" and the outcome of the breakfast pizza

This was also the first Pizza Club in a while that Hambone didn't pass out on the couch before midnight. He did end up passing out on the couch though, so not much changed, it was just later.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chris Is Stoked

So I failed to snap to many pictures of this weeks meeting but rest assured, it was rad. I made two pizzas, well, one in a half. One was a fuck around pizza, a taco pizza. This thing turned out amazing! It had red pepper, onion, spicy taco seasoned Boca crumbles, habanero peppers, black beans, cheddar and mozzarella for the toppings with a habanero salsa for sauce. It was spicy and great. The other pizza Brooke made and was a white garlic and olive oil with some random deliciousness on top! Chris O made his appearance after missing last weeks meeting due to a concert that sucked. He took his time as always making his pizza and use Dayia vegan cheese. This is some good stuff. He seemed very proud of his pizza so here it is...

Rome wasn't built in a day, and evidently neither was Chris' pizza!

As usual, the homies were pizza drunk and passed out super early. Hambone is in his regular spot!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Last night Pizza Club meeting was pretty good, although not really anyone showed up. Chris O missed yet another meeting because of some concert he wanted to see. Bambei made a really good tomato, spinach, and goat cheese pizza, while Hammond made some sort of cheddar Cajun sausage concoction. I opted for a HUGE calzone that actually turned out really good! It had red peppers, jalapeƱos, fresh garlic, vegi pepperonis, and some carmelized onions that Brooke whipped up that were really good. Also I put a ton of mozzarella, sharp chedder, and a bit of goat cheese. I added a trife amount of siracha, and olive oil to the top. Way to go Pizza Club!

Slices! Bambeis on the right and Hammond's on the left

The Steps to Success!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pizza Post! The Return of the Vegan!

Chris Owen is a founding member of Pizza Club and has been to every meeting until recently. Circumstances (some out of his control, others not) have stopped him from coming to Pizza Club. Without the founding members, its hard for a "club" to exist. This week marked the triumphant return of Chris. He is a crucial member to the club because he is the only vegan member. He brings a unique twist to the club. I myself am vegetarian while my roomates consume all meats. Pizza club is about diverse slices! We were even honored with long time friend, Dan Carter this week! Although this weeks Pizza Club meeting was rather mellow, it still was one to remember!

This week marked the first week that no animals were killed for pizza toppings at Pizza Club! We don't discourage the use of meat, it's just that a few of us don't like it.

The Return of the Vegan

Dan came to sample the wares! He looks stoked

Meat conissuer, Hambone, was so stoked on his veggie pizza that he passed out early, beer in hand!